Optimizing Keywords To Increase Number Of Views In YouTube

The next one is to optimize your keywords. Now this is another thing that a lot of people don’t know about. It’s something that’s very powerful. You want to be able to optimize your keywords. Guessing what your keywords might be for your niche is one thing, but you want to make sure you get it right. So one thing you can do here is to use the YouTube search box at the top.

I’m going to show you an example here, because then you will understand how this works. Say I create a video and it’s about magic tricks. By the way, this is searching for really cool keywords. I’m going to type in the keywords magic tricks. Now look what happens here. It comes up with a whole bunch of suggestions for keywords that I can use. I can now use these as ideas for keywords that I want to use for my own videos.

What’s cool about that is that these keywords are already being searched for inside YouTube. They’re ones that are already ranking. The homework has already been done for you. You don’t even need to use another keyword tool. This is it. This is so powerful. Here’s a little ninja trick that you might not know about. This will get you even more keywords. If I go magic tricks and type the letter “a” it will come up with all the keywords starting with magic tricks and then the letter a. If I then go “b,” it will come up with all the keywords with b as the first letter for the next word. I can go through the whole alphabet here and come up with a whole range of keywords that are already being searched for on YouTube that you can rank for as well. Use this search tool for optimizing your keywords when you’re uploading your videos. It’s very powerful. The thing is, if you’re not using the right keywords, people aren’t going to be able to find your videos.

You need to use the right keywords so people can actually find your videos. This is very powerful.

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Good News! – Great Article to Ponder From Gideon Shalwick about Online Video Marketing

The video article is title How To Make Money While “Not Working”, a very powerful online video marketing tip there.

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A Powerful Interview By Gideon Shalwick to Darren Rowse

Hi guys, this video is very exciting to watch. It’s Darren Rowse from ProBlogger. Check this out guys.. You will learn amazing things inside the video

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Powerful Interview-Like Video For Your Blog

Hi guys, how are y ou? Still on business? Well this post is very powerful, I would like to share with you some secrets of Gideon Shalwick’s success on the field of Videography. Watch the video below to learn how to set up your own Interview-Like Video

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YouTube Search Engine

Hi Good Morning.
Online video marketing is very popular now. Whether you like it or not more people are watching videos online and making videos for themselves and obviously the main destination is YouTube.

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the internet. Ranking in YouTube is very important too. You should be keen on all aspect on how to market through videos. The use of keywords is the most important factor. If you choose the best keyword probably you will rank first on the YouTube search engine.

Imagine over how many million video views per day, and you chose the right keyword, and in your video you have a link for your website, imagine how many good traffic you can get there and probably later converting these traffic into leads, and this leads will convert into cash later on. It needs hard work and perseverance though, because making money online is not just sitting in the computer and wait for the paychecks.

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Online Video Marketing Facts

Online Video Marketing is very helpful in any online business. This is the key differentiator for web companies wanting to communicate effectively their product profile and benefits within the shortest possible time. It is so true, because with a Video, you can store all the information there, It is up to you how will you deliver it.

Visitors really don’t want to spend a lot of time on a site looking out for information somewhere else, so you will have to find a way to attract the attention of the visitors. Either make a pop ups which is annoying, or setting up a video.

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Video Marketing: Vital for Traffic

Gaining traffic in internet world is very difficult. Some would die on their latops 24/7 spending all their time doing backlinks and paying a lot for SEO services.

I can say that,  as a normal person, a normal internet surfer, I really loved to watch blogs with videos on it. Specially its a software website, A video that instructs how to use the software is really a great help for the customer or the visitor of the site. Videos are very appealing to the site, and can be very informative in an interactive way.

Good luck with your business. 🙂

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What can your videos do in your site?

Video on your site will:

Video Marketing

Video Marketing

increase time-on-page

generate useful feedback and comments

capture more opt-ins

convert more visitors into PAYING customers

Catch Your Eye on Google Searches

Further more, videos on your site will..

Connect and build rapport with your prospects faster than a New York Minute so you build the trust necessary to make them lifelong customers

Get people taking a super-easy initial step toward making that all important first sale – just by having them click PLAY

Saves time over writing sales copy, opt-in pages, blog posts

Create products that have two to three times the perceived value

Have a realistic chance to show up on the first page of Google and get hordes of FREE traffic

Get your marketing “unstuck” and breakthrough to the money-zone

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